New high performing insulation products

Jet Stream MAX

Jet Stream MAX Install-7x5Jet Stream MAX is a loose fill insulation which is blown in behind a special netting also known as a Blow-in-Blanket System (BIBS) providing a thermal, acoustic and fire resistant barrier for timber frame homes. It is a superior product designed for use in passive house constructions ensuring a complete cavity fill reaching those hard to reach areas around pipes, electrical wires and fixtures. Jet Stream MAX is suitable for new and existing buildings and can be installed from the inside or outside.

Earthwool® DriTherm® Cavity slab

Earthwool DriTherm Cavity slab is manufactured with ECOSE® Technology delivering a thermal and acoustic barrier for energy efficient construction in new build masonry cavity walls. Dritherm MasonryIt is a silicone treated glasswool preventing transfer of moisture to the inner leaf providing a premium solution for fully filling cavities. The material is easily installed into corners and butts firmly up to window and door openings. The consistent blanket of insulation guarantees that the thermal performance is not effected by air movement.