Underfloor Insulation

Homes lose more energy through the floor and ceilings combined than through external walls. Installing insulation in the underfloor and ceiling will compensate for the walls being missed out. An un-insulated underfloor will lose up to 20 per cent of internal heating or cooling.

If you have a suspended timber floor, glasswool insulation is an ideal solution for providing thermal and acoustic performance. Easy to cut and install, glasswool segments or blankets can be installed to provide the level of insulation required.

To help address the effects of wind wash, there is a new insulation product available that comes with a wind wash barrier. Earthwool insulation roll with a wind wash, barrier has a high thermal performance of R1.7 and a wind wash barrier to provide protection from air movement under the floor (wind wash occurs when there is air movement across the face of unfaced products, which draws out heat energy to reduce thermal performance). Furthermore, it is easier to install as it can be directly stapled in place. Click here to view our install video.